French singer, composer and producer elodieO is a staple of New York City's Lower East Side/Nublu electro scene that nurtured Kudu and Brazilian Girls. Her sound is an elegant mix of '60s Nico-esque pop, '80s disco beats and '90s golden era trip-hop and down-tempo. Reminiscent of Goldfrapp, Bjork, Fran�oise Hardy and Etienne Daho, her musical world blends electronic elements with acoustic instruments (think original '80s synths mixed with cello or accordion).

elodieO's new album Amoureuse (elodieO Amoureuse) to be out on Mulattapop in July 2015 is an electronic compilation of songs and remixes orchestrated and mainly produced by Viennese producer Robbie Ost (Dubblestandart). The tracks of Amoureuse stroll between electropop, reaggae, dub-step and dub.The collection includes remixes by Dubblestandart, Rubber Ross, Club d'Essai, Deathisnotacolor and a few songs from the score of elodieO's upcoming musical film, Rendez-vous Amsterdam. The song "Amoureuse" will be featured in elodieO's debut short film of the same name.

Following the 'Amoureuse' record and film release, elodieO's latest project will fuse cinema, dance, music, fashion and animation into a truly innovative, modern and unconventional musical film. The music is the heart of the film; it inspired the storyline, choreography and artistic direction. elodieO will co-direct and co-choreograph as well as play the role of the main character, Eloïse. elodieO received a grant from the Austrian Music Fund for the music production of the project (it was produced in Vienna's Go East Studio, in collaboration with Robbie Ost). Stay tuned for updates on the new film and album!

Rendez-vous Amsterdam is the culmination of elodieO's long-time vision. Since the age of nine, she has immersed herself in the worlds of drama, dance, and music with an absolute determination to, one day, meld those three worlds in her own way and create her own version of a contemporary musical. Between Paris and New York, elodieO trained as a dancer, musician and actress (NYU, Th�atre National de Chaillot, French Musical Conservatory graduate in cello, Ecole de Enfants du Spectacle) and her professional experiences include acting in a major French sitcom, dancing and singing on Broadway, releasing three full-length albums and an EP, being on a handful of compilations and 12 inch, as well as playing international music festivals.

elodieO's album, Stubborn, released in 2008 on Mulatta Pop Records, was extremely well received by regional and national press in the U.S. and Canada and has received support from key national radio stations such as NPR and Radio Canada. The album features guest spots from internationally known artists, including Aaron Johnston and Jesse Murphy of Brazilian Girls.

elodieO has collaborated with Lee Scratch Perry on the song "Revelation".

Over the last few years, elodieO has worked tirelessly to perform live for crowds across Europe (5 Euro tours), Canada, and the U.S. with over 200 shows under her belt including opening for Cat Power (while part of the band Elm, which she co-founded). Her 20-date U.S. and Canadian tour in the winter of 2008, supporting the release of Stubborn, was sponsored by the French Music Export Office and Hotel Indigo. More recently, she had the honor of participating in French pop legend Serge Gainsbourg's tribute in Boston, where she shared the bill with Lulu and Bambou Gainsbourg.